A Historical Kelor Island in West Manggarai Regency

Komodo Island should be everyone’s tourist destination. It is located in East Nusa Tenggara. It also features many beautiful spots. For example, there is Kelor Island. Despite its small size, the island offers worthy history and beauty. The best attraction is the Martelo Fort. It is the reminiscence of the Dutch Colonialism, actually. Even though it suffered numerous natural disasters, the fort remains unique. In fact, tourists are attracted mainly to this fort. Still, there are other charms in Kelor Island.

The Nuance
Once you reach Kelor Island, you can see the fort. It isn’t quite big, but it is a majestic structure. The fort is located near to the beach. That means you can enjoy both the beautiful shorelines and the fort at once. The beach features white sand some trees. Not to mention the water is calm and clear. It is safe to play and swim in the water. There are also some small cottages nearby. You can use it for resting. On top of that, the wind is quite soothing.

Exploring Kelor Island
In the midst of Kelor Island, you can find a hill. This explains why many tourists are attracted to climb the hill. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the summit. It is tiring, but it is worth the effort. Trekking is an interesting activity here. No worries. There are other popular activities are snorkeling and swimming. It is because the water is clear and beautiful. Plus, you may find some species of fishes. They are cute and lovely. The most popular ones are the clownfishes.

Kelor Island also offers a historical value. It was the base of revolutionary heroes. Many people died here. It was because they fought the invaders bravely. It is also the burial ground of the Sevent Provicien Ship. In terms of appearance, the island features some pillars on its coastal area. Why is that? Abrasion is the major reason. The government tries to protect the island from the waves. Mortelo Fort is the main attraction in Kelor Island. You can take some pictures either in front of this fort or nearby locations.

Nearby Attraction
As an alternative, you can visit Muntia Island. It is a worthy tourist spot, after all. The island is small and shady. Usually, tourists come here for relaxing. Once you enjoy a beautiful vacation in Kelor Island, you can find peace at Muntial Island. You can reach it using a local boat. The island can also be a perfect place for photography.

How to Get to Kelor Island
If you come from Bali, you can either use a plane or ferry to Labuan Bajo. The fastest option is definitely an airplane. From Labuan Bajo, you need to ride a speedboat to Kelor Island. It takes about 1 hour. The island is small so you can get around easily. There are some cottages on the beach. You can sit and relax here.

Where to Stay
Accommodations are mostly available in Labuan Bajo. They have distinct facilities and prices. For a reference, there are some recommended options like:

  • Seraya Hotel
  • Jayakarta Suites
  • Plataran Komodo Beach Resort
  • Komodo Resort

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